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When done right, a properly supported service commitment to our customers has a direct positive impact on our business by promoting brand and dealer loyalty. When handled poorly, the negative impact is significant. AGCO Dealers have some of the best and most highly qualified technicians in the industry helping keep AGCO machinery operating in top-notch condition. Recognizing the critical need to maintain our record of excellence in the Aftersales area, the AGCO NexTECH Program was developed.

By fostering strong partnerships between AGCO Corporation, our local dealerships, and renowned educational institutions, this program ensures that a steady stream of skilled technicians will be readily available to service and innovate within the dynamic world of agricultural equipment and precision agriculture.

What Does NexTECH Provide?


Participating schools have access to AGCO training aids, powertrain components for hands on teaching, tech resources, as well as other materials that will make their diesel technology programs successful.


AGCO NexTECH partner schools have access to the training curriculum used by the AGCO North American Aftersales team with our dealer service technicians on the latest models of AGCO equipment.

Faculty Training and Development

Faculty members at partner institutions are invited to attend the annual AGCO NexTECH Summit in Hesston, KS to learn alongside AGCO’s Aftersales training team, gain access to the latest training materials from AGCO.

Why NexTECH?

This program is a testament to AGCO’s commitment to the advancement of agricultural technology and the cultivation of a highly capable workforce that will drive the industry forward. As were unveil this initiative, we invite communities, technical colleges, vocational schools, and AGCO dealerships across the nation to partake in this transformative journey. Together, we’ll build a brighter, more efficient, and innovative future for agricultural equipment service and technology.

Colleges, Dealers, and AGCO Working Together

This is a collaborative relationship between AGCO, college partners, and our AGCO dealers, who all agree to provide full support so students are functional entry level technicians when they graduate. The AGCO NexTECH Program is a direct response to the Voice of the Customer to alleviate this critical need and properly support end users.

Dealer participation ensures qualified technicians at individual dealerships.

Students are recommended to be sponsored by participating dealerships to help fund their education as well as to help form a pipeline of local talent. Dealers can support the program by offering financial support for students enrolled in the diesel technology programs at the local level, offering internship opportunities for students, and providing a pipeline to employment opportunities post-graduation.

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