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What is an Agricultural Service Technician?

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Say goodbye to the traditional image of a tractor repair – today’s farm equipment is a tech marvel! Our service techs are the superheroes of the field, blending hands-on service with top-notch technical troubleshooting skills. Brace yourself for a dynamic role where solving issues can be just as thrilling behind a laptop screen as it is under the hood. If you’re looking for a career with rewarding work, competitive pay, and opportunities for advancement and training, embrace the future of farming as an AGCO service technician.

Hear Firsthand From Some of Our Technicians

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Parkland college

Discover the comprehensive AGCO Service Technician Associate in Applied Science program at Parkland College, equipping students with hands-on skills and industry expertise for a rewarding career in agricultural machinery maintenance and repair.

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Explore the AGCO NexTECH program, forging partnerships with diesel technology programs nationwide to cultivate the next generation of skilled technicians in the agricultural machinery industry.

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Career pathway resources

Discover a wealth of career pathway resources tailored for aspiring diesel technicians, providing invaluable insights and guidance to kickstart a fulfilling journey in the field of diesel technology.

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